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Step by Step to your perfect Cake and Treats

  • Use the contact form and Heather will call you to talk through your order

  • Check date and availability

  • Consultation

  • Confirm Design and Price

  • Pay a Deposit (for wedding & celebration cakes and large orders)

  • Make final payment

  • Arrange collection (all items except wedding cakes)

  • Wedding Cakes will be delivered to the venue by Heather within a 35 mile radius of Retford

 Wedding and Celebration Cakes - Sizes

The first thing to consider, is how many pieces of cake are you planning to serve?  Traditionally, a 'Wedding Portion' of cake is approximately 1" x 1" x 5" (25mm x 25mm x 125mm).  Then, how many tiers of cakes would you like? 3, 4, 5 or 6?

To make life a little easier, Heather has put together a list of cake sizes and how many portions you can get from each cake.  The list also gives the starting price for the cake before it is decorated.  Click here to view or download the list.

What are the cakes made of?

Heather prefers to make a proper sponge cake mix from scratch, using fresh quality ingredients.  Heather does not use commercial sponge cake 'ready-mix'!  Each tier of sponge cake consists of even layers filled with a choice of fillings.

Wedding cakes are normally masked in ganache before being finished in a high quality sugar-paste.

How much notice is needed?

Celebration Cakes - 4 weeks

Wedding Cakes - 4 months

Chocolate - 4 weeks

Other Treats - 4 weeks

Generally speaking, cakes, chocolate and treats should be ordered, deposit paid and design agreed, 3 - 4 weeks before the delivery date.  Wedding cakes should be ordered etc., around 2-3 months before the day.  

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