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Treats for All Seasons

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If you have browsed this website, you have probably gathered that Heather loves what she does.  She is a highly skilled baker and an artist in her own right.  

Heather loves variety, and making people happy.  Heather is not out to compete

with big names like Thorntons or Marks & Spencer.  While ever Heather can

put her heart and soul into the cakes and treats she makes, she will continue to

bake 'n' make to order at her own pace.

To keep the stress monsters out of the treatery-kitchen, Heather has decided to go

with her own flow when it comes to creating seasonal gifts and treats.

What we're trying to put across, is the dedication and personal input that goes

in to every order and dream fulfilment might mean that seasonal

gifts may not appear when you might expect them.

However, that's not to say Heather won't create a special batch of something new or experimental at any time of year if she feels like it.

To keep up to date with Heather's creations, thoughts and ideas, please follow her facebook or instagram account.  If Heather has a fudgilicious flight of fancy,

that's where you'll get to know about it first!


of course, if you have an idea that's not on the website, just get in touch with Heather using the contact form here, whether your request is seasonal or inspirational!

Treats and Favours Options and Pricing Guide

Please click here

Enjoy this Gallery of Heather's Seasonal Treats over the last couple of years...

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