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Wedding Cakes

Heather’s Cakes for All Occasions


All of Heather’s cakes are individually made and designed, taking into account your budget.



The first thing we must point out, is that the earlier (around 3 months) you start your cake consultation with Heather, the better, especially if your dream cake has lots of intricate floral detail.


Wedding Cakes


Because of the importance of the occasion, consultations, orders and terms and conditions are slightly different to those of Celebration Cakes.  Heather will talk this through with you and you can also refer to the Terms and Conditions here and also the price guide.


3 Things you need to know


There are three key decisions that need to be considered when ordering your wedding cake:


  • How many people would you like to have a piece of your cake?

  • How many tiers would you like to your cake?

  • How much budget do you wish to allocate to this showpiece of your special day?


Wedding cakes can also be delicious and beautiful with the minimum of decoration.  These cakes are known as ‘naked’ cakes, or ‘semi-nude’. 


Naked or Semi-nude Cakes

These cakes consist of even layers of sponge filled with a choice of fillings and simple decoration.  It is the style of decoration that will determine the final cost of the cake.  This will all be explained during the consultation process, though please refer to the price guide link below.


Bespoke Fully-Decorated Wedding Cakes

The layers of these cakes are sponge, with your flavour and fillings of choice.  The sponge tiers are masked in ‘ganache’ (a special mix of cream and chocolate) before being finished in high quality sugar-paste.


Edible Sugar-Paste Flowers

Here’s a gentle hint – Sugar-paste flowers are Heather’s speciality!  Although they are very time consuming, the final product is absolutely superb!


Please click here for Heather’s guide to portions, tier sizes and starting prices.


Decoration and customization can be as elaborate and complex as you wish.  If design time, creation time or budget is affected, these will be clearly explained and agreed during your consultation with Heather.

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